Thursday, 11 July 2013

Year 6 has got talent!

It was a great way to spend our final evening together! Year 6 put on such a fabulous talent show - with a huge range of different acts from magic to stand up comedy to percussion to songs. Everyone enjoyed themselves and the audience was so supportive of the performers!
Friday is our final day together and we're looking forward to the Enginuity science museum and Birmingham art gallery before heading home to Guildford.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Blists Hill Victorian Town

Another lovely day - this time at the Victorian town where all the children dressed up and experienced life in a Victorian school. The teachers were very strict and punished the slightest misdemeanour. Drill in the playground was enjoyed as well - especially by children from the other two classes looking on! Some free time at the end of the day and a chance to shop meant that everyone came back clutching bags of lemon sherbets, gob stoppers and strawberry bonbons. Now we're all tired and ready for a good night's sleep! Night all!

Making lunches is a fascinating event to behold at 7.45

Dinner Time

The Stiperstones panoramic

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

News from coach 2!

The children on Coach 2 had a fabulous trip to Cardingmill  Valley
A steep rocky walk along the river to find the Cardingmill waterfall gave the children the opportunity  to cool off by dipping their heads under the water and counting to see how fast
the rubber ducks could swim down river...  We found plenty
of invertebrates in the water, caught fish and waded across
the rocks to shoo the sheep away from our packed lunches.
An idyllic day with so many happy, sunny memories. We look
forward  to many more...

News from coach 1 after the Stiperstones trek

What an amazing world! The beautiful countryside was more stunning than ever bathed in July sunshine. All the children had a great day chatting with friends, counting sheep and listening to tales of Shropshire folklore. Now we're heading back to the centre for afternoon tea and a rest in the shade. Looking forward to hearing news from the other coach who have been river dipping at Cardingmill Valley.

Stiperstones and Cardingmill Valley

After a hearty breakfast we're off for a day in the beautiful countryside. The sun is shining, the sun cream is liberally applied and most importantly of all the lunches are packed! A tricky decision for all - cheese, ham, marmite or jam?

Monday, 8 July 2013

Arrived safely!

What a glorious first day! We've all arrived safely and are enjoying exploring the lovely Preston Montford centre. Let's all hope now for a good night's sleep!